Saturday, July 27, 2013

0 5 tips for choosing the perfect office chair

If you are searching for the perfect office chair that meets your needs, you should take an eye on these 5 tips before choosing one:

1. Must be made of quality materials

If you're looking for comfort, then the chair must contain quality materials. The seat structure must be made ​​from durable materials and fine to the touch like stainless steel or titanium. The upholstery must be made of natural leather. Avoid synthetic leather: it may be discolored due to dye used, usually has an unpleasant odor and it has a cold feeling.

2. To be resistant

I think you want to use the seat many years from now. If so, then you must choose a chair made of resistant materials. Like i said at point 1, the perfect materials are: stainless steel, titanium and natural leather upholstery.

3. The seat must be adjustable

Your future office chair shall be adjustable in height and also it must have an adjustable backrest. With these options, you can be sure that it will fit perfectly on your desk.

4. Test it!

If you can, go to a furniture store and test the seat before buying. By testing the seat in shop, you avoid to buy a chair that is uncomfortable. In this way, you can compare many models and choose the right one. You can also read the reviews online. Most reliable are the reviews on major sales sites or on furniture blogs where people can comment and leave impressions.

5. A good value for price

Make sure you pay the right price for the chair. See what are the best features of the seat and evaluate the price. After doing these things, see what chair meet your needs and is consistent with your wallet.

Friday, July 26, 2013

0 Choose a classy executive chair for your office

This elegant white office chair gives the pleasure of sitting in the office after work hours. It has sleek design that combines perfectly the stainless steel with the leather upholstery. Smooth to the touch, it gives you the sensation of a gentle caresses.
But even if the chair has a sophisticated look, it is executed for the user needs. It can be adjusted for your height minimizing your discomfort.


Overall: W9.25" x D17.7" x H43.3"/46.06"
Seat Back: 24.8"


  • faux leather
  • soft sit cushions
  • removable faux leather covers for arm rests
  • maxim user weight 110 kg
  • recomended usage time: up to 8 hours per day

The Miller White Executive Chair can be found in the big furniture stores and on eBay.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

0 A futuristic design for an office chair

The Unico office chair is definitely a bold chair design. Maybe it was not made for business offices ,but at a furniture design exhibition would probably be one of the most popular products.
Looking at the design, it does not look too comfortable, but it can be used in cases where the environment is everything. I would see it in a concept store, or in areas dedicated to customer relationship.

The construction of the chair

- It has a modern tubular design. The leather tubes gives you a good support for the back, neck and head.
- Ajustable height
- An interesting feature: it has height ajustable arms.
-  Leather upholstery
-  Dimensions: 23.5 in. W x 25 in. D x 46-49 in. H . Seat Height: 18.5-21 in.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

0 Boss white chair for office

If you are looking to furnish your office and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this chair is perfect for you. It looks quite trendy and it offers the comfort you need.
The chair is upholstered with high quality white leather. The arm rests are also padded with white leather.
It has a highly resistant modern chrome frame. The base is 27” in diameter.

Other tehnical data:

  •        Arm height: 27-30”H
  •       Seat size: 20”W x 17.5”D
  •        Seat height: 19.5-22.5”H
  •       Overall size: 27”W x 29”D x 44.5 “H
  •       Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113 kg)

The chair price in shops:

You can find this boss white office chair in shops at a price from $260 to $450.

Model: Boss Executive White Office Chair

Producer: Norstar

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 A modern white executive office chair

Now, in our days, the fashion is a part of our lives. We like modern things, with futuristic design, things that say something about our personality and way of life. The furniture makes no exeption.
 If you are looking to for an modern office chair, that gives to your office a new look, you may find the Lider Hi-Back Office Chair, the perfect chair for you.
This ergonomic chair combines the retro and modern style with grace, and it work fine in every office place.
It fits perfectly for both men and women, for modern or retro furniture, for a working place office or a home office.

The construction of the white chair

The leatherette sling is provided with stitched ribbing. The chair has chrome cast aluminum arms, a tube frame made of chrome steel, adjustable height locking tilt mechanism and a cast aluminium base with chrome wheels.
The dimensions are 25" width and 42-44.5" height. The base has 17-19.5" height.

 The warranty covers all defects in construction for an full one year after the date of purchas. The producer will repair or replace the chair. The only thing that cost is transport.

This white modern chair in shops

You can find this white chair in shops, online or at retail shops, at a price from $358 to $415.

Model Name: Lider Hi-Back Office Chair
Producer: Zuo Modern

Friday, July 6, 2012

2 When your business office furniture is white

If you have a passion for white furniture, you can have some problems find it and make it fit.
In a business office you can have a white desk, a white sofa, a white library and most of all, you must have a white manager office chair that fits with the others pieces.

In the left picture you have a model like the one described. It's a nice arrangement with futuristic furniture. Even the floor is a shining white. All that white gives the room a lot of luminosity. The minimalist style make the room look clean all the time.
In a place like that, a manager will be fresh all day long and have great business ideas.
Also, he will make a good impression to his clients or business partners.

0 A white manager office chair that fits perfectly for you

This white manager office chair has class and elegance. It has a retro view from the 60's.
The marerials are resistant, and also very smooth. With chrome platet steel frame, and a pure white washable leatherette seat the chair shows only class.
The chair's crhome plated steel frame with its back bar soundly support the user’s back and body.
The best use for this chair is at the office, a director's office. Your clients will know that you are a real business man, with class and financial potency.
At arrival, the chair need to be manual assembled.
This white chair has one-year warranty.
It measures 20 inches wide by 25 inches deep with an 18-1/2-inch seat dept.
If you are looking to buy this white manager office chair, you will find it at a price around 200$. You may also find discount prices for this type of chair.


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